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100 Questions To Get To Know Me

I wanted to write in english since I started this blog but I already decided go the easy way by writing with the language I speak since I was able to talk which is, as you know now, the French. Obviously, I'm also now fluent in english but I do make sometimes mistakes especially when I'm writing - grammar was never my best friend but I miss writing in english like I used to do before while writing on my other blog so here comes my first english writing on DearVoyageurs. I thought it could be interesting to start by writing an article to introduce myself and then I got the idea of doing a Tag article. The Get To Know Me Tag. Easy right? I just have 100 questions and I have to answer them in order to give you an idea of the person behind the screen. I got the questions from this blog. This was so much fun to answer so feel free to also do it in the comments section below !

  • 1)- Are you a morning or night person?
Definitely a night person ! 
  • 2)- Are you afraid of the dark?
I was when I was a child but not anymore.
  • 3)- Are you an extrovert or introvert?
I think I'm more in the between but if I have to pick one, I'll go with extrovert.
  • 4)- Are you double jointed?
Not really !
  • 5)- Are you left or right handed?
Right handed.
  • 6) - Are you more of a tidy person or a messy one?
I'm tidy but not like crazy-tidy. I'm like a messy tidy?

  • 7)- Are you on time or always late?
Always on time ! 
  • 8)- Are you ticklish?
  • 9)- Can you curl your tongue?
Yes and I can touch my nose with my tongue which isn't a cool thing.
  • 10)- Can you ice skate?
Does it count if I always fall?
  • 11) - Can you wiggle your ears?
I wish !
  • 12) - Coffee or tea?
None ! Just Hot chocolate !

  • 13) - Cookies, cake or donuts?
Cake ! My mom's chocolate cake !
  • 14) - Did you ever participate in a talent show?
I know it's something you have in elementary school in America but in France I didn't get the chance have Talent Shows sadly. I did play a sad clown in a play thought when I was in fourth grade.
  • 15) - Did you go to prom?
We don't have prom in France so no !
  • 16) - Did you like school?
If I'm being totally honest, I liked it but I did not like all the school years. I loved learning but sometimes I had teachers who could be very mean toward the kids especially when they didn't understand their class. 
  • 17) - Do you believe in ghosts?
I do yes. 

  • 18) - Do you bite your nails?
I don't.
  • 19) - Do you consider yourself a good cook?
I hope I am. I love cooking.
  • 20) - Do you enjoy dancing?
I love dancing ! 
  • 21) - Do you enjoy DIY or crafts?
I enjoy creating things, I wish I had more time to be able to do it...
  • 22) - Do you forgive easily?
I don't. I know I should work of that but I really can't...
  • 23) - Do you have a nickname?
I have a lot ! My favorite one is Jenny Lou. 
  • 24) - Do you have any allergies?
I can't have gluten food and I'm lactose intolerent.
  • 25) - Do you have any phobias?
Loosing someone I love or seeing someone I love being hurt. 
  • 26) - Do you have any piercings or tattoos?
Just a basic ear percing.
  • 27) - Do you have children?
Not yet.
  • 28) - Do you have pets?
A cute puppy.
  • 29) - Do you have siblings?
I have two sisters and one brother. I'm also the older one.
  • 30) - Do you prefer dogs or cats?
Definitely dogs !

  • 31) - Do you prefer Mac or PC?
I never had a Mac but I used it before and I'll go with PC. Always.
  • 32) - Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?
Both ! 
  • 33) - Do you prefer to bath or shower?
  • 34) - Do you sing in the shower?
Always. I feel like the shower is my stage and I am a famous singer. Sadly, I can't sing.
  • 35) - Do you smoke?
I don't.
  • 36) - Do you speak any different languages?
French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italien. Currently learning Hebrew but it's so difficult !
  • 37) - Do you still have your wisdom teeth?
  • 38)  - Do you still watch cartoons?
I'm proud to say I still watch cartoons and enjoy it !

  • 39) - Do you/have you played any sports?
Not in a pro way! I'm more into individuals sports like swimming or martial arts.
  • 40) - Does your name have a special meaning?
It does. My mom gave me this name because of an actress she loved.
  • 41) - Have you ever been hospitalized?
I did but for a whole day when I was a kid.
  • 42) - Have you ever been on a diet?
I decided to start a diet today actually ! For the first time.
  • 43) - Have you ever been to a concert?
Yes. I love going to concerts !
  • 44) - Have you ever gone camping?
I wasn't technically in a tent so I don't know if it counts?
  • 45) - Have you ever met any celebrities?
I was lucky enough to meet amazing ones! My favorite meeting was when I bumped into Mark Hamill and took a selfie when I was at the New York Comic Con.

  • 46) - Have you ever skipped class?
I did yes ! 
  • 47) - Have you ever won something?
I won Litterature contests, is it cool?
  • 48) - Have you had braces?
Oh yes...I had them during all my high school years. I hated it.
  • 49) - How are you feeling right now?
  • 50) - How tall are you?
I'm 1 meters and 76 centimers which is 5F7.

We are half way !
50 questions left !

  • 51) - If money were no object what would you get for your next birthday?
A big boat. To travel the world but the ones I love.
  • 52) - If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
I really don't know. I loved living upstate New York. I also always wanted to live in South America or in Australia but today I need and love living near my family ...
  • 53) - Were you ever a scout or a brownie?
No. And same, it's not something usual in France.
  • 54) - What city were you born in?
Toulouse, in the south of France.
  • 55) - What did you last eat?
Homemade Sushis.
  • 56) - What did you want to be when you were younger?
An Egyptologist. That's probably why I started studying History.

  • 57) - What do you do on a typical Friday night?
I spend it with my lovely boyfriend.
  • 58) - What is one food that you refuse to eat?
So, so, so many things ! I can be a picky eater sometimes !
  • 59) - What is one item on your bucket list?
Only one? Well seeing the Machu Pichu !

  • 60) - What is one item you can’t live without?
All my photos albums.
  • 61) - What is your shoe size?
40 in Europe and 8.5/9 in America.
  • 62) - What movie have you watched repeatedly?
The Lord of the Rings/Back To The Future.
  • 63) - What phone do you have (Apple or Android)?
I have an iPhone. The iPhone 7.
  • 64) - What should you be doing right now?
I should be swimming in the beach but there is too many clouds so here I am writing this article instead !
EDIT - I went to the beach. I left the unfinished article in the drafts section and I went.

  • 65) - What’s one goal you would like to accomplish this year?
Spending more time practicing sports.
  • 66) - What’s one of your pet peeves?
Same answer from question 25.
  • 67) - What’s the last song you’ve listened to?
Wicked Games from the Westworld Season 3 soundtrack, by Ramin Djawadi.
  • 68) - What’s the most expensive item of clothing that you own?
My Dr Matens shoes maybe. I remember I saved money for weeks in order to get them.
  • 69) - What’s the thing you can’t leave the house without?
I'm a little bit ashamed to answer my phone but it's true...Sadly
  • 70) - What’s your best physical feature?
My eyes I guess?
  • 71) - What’s your Chinese sign?
Rooster? I think
  • 72) - What’s your current obsession?
Old studies books...And I'm also re-watching Smallville right now !

  • 73) - What’s your dream car?
Ford Mustang 1966. Red.
  • 74) - What’s your favourite animal?
All animals are my favorites ! But I'll have to say dog if someone ask me to only pick one.
  • 75) - What’s your favourite book?
It's hard again to only pick one...I'll go with On The Road by Jack Kerouac
  • 76) - What’s your favourite colour?
  • 77) - What’s your favourite dessert?
My mom's Charlotte aux Pêches !
  • 78) - What’s your favourite drink?
Water !
  • 79) - What’s your favourite food?
Right now I'm obsessed with sushis.
  • 80) - What’s your favourite foreign food?
I can't pick only one but if I really, really need to only keep one, I will say Italian food.
  • 81) - What’s your favourite gadget?
An old camera !

  • 82) - What’s your favourite hobby?
Spending time with the people I love/Reading/Music/Photography (Can't pick one !)
  • 83) - What’s your favourite movie?
The Lord of The Rings. Favorite movie since The Fellowship of the Ring came out in 2001 when I was nine.

  • 84) - What’s your favourite restaurant?
I don't remember the name of it but I know where it is - which helps ! It's a japanese restaurant in New York.
  • 85) - What’s your favourite sandwich?
Cheese sandwich. Alwys.
  • 86) - What’s your favourite season?
Fall. I love the colors.
  • 87) - What’s your favourite series?
Sorry GoT but I'll have to say Chuck !
  • 88) - What’s your favourite snack?
Kinder Bueno !
  • 89) - What’s your favourite sport to watch?
I don't really enjoy watching sport. But when I watch football - not the US football but what they call soccer - I can like it if it's a big tournament like the Euro cup or the World cup.

  • 90) - What’s your favourite thing to have for breakfast?
Probably toasts with a hot chocolate.
  • 91) - What’s your full name?
Joker ! I don't really want to share those informations online, sorry.
  • 92) - What’s your longest relationship so far?
My actual relationship is my longest and the only one that matters.
  • 93) - What’s your lucky number?
Six maybe?
  • 94) - What’s your star sign?
  • 95) - When is your birthday?
September ! 
  • 96) - Which city did you grow up in?
I grew up in a great city in the South of France.

  • 97) - Which city do you live in now?
In France for now. But I'll keep the city for myself as I'm always reluctant to share important life facts like where I'm living.
  • 98) - Who do you miss right now?
My mom, my little sister, my little brother and my grandma. 
  • 99) - Who is your celebrity crush?
I used to have a crush on Elijah Wood as a kid but that's it.
  • 100) - Who’s your favourite fictional character?
Too many to only pick one sorry !

I'm done ! I have to say it took me a while to complete this tag. And there was a bunch of questions I didn't really know how to answer to but well, I did it ! I'll write more articles in english on the website, more focused on travel or lifestyle than on me since I'm never really comfortable when it comes to talk about myself in a deep way. 

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